Accompanying organisational change

To deploy a solution such as Siteflow within your organisation is an innovative and transformative project. To ensure its success, it is crucial to involve key stakeholders internally and to have it accompanied by experts. Aware of this determining stake, we have built around Siteflow an ecosystem able to accompany you all along the various phases of your projects. Companies like Accenture, Atos, 2hundread, Advanced Engineering... are notably involved.  

It is also possible for your company to be directly supported by Siteflow’s team and its change management expertise.


A well-proven methodology

Since 2018, our ‘delivery’ teams ensure solid and structured client support. From scoping phase to the effective deployment of the solution, projects managers coming from the industry carry out a well-proven methodology. 

This methodology mobilises all the key factors that are indispensable to the success of the deployment of the solution within your organization, and more globally to its comprehensive digital transformation.  

Siteflow offers its know-how and deploys its methodology in various sectors and types of activity.
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