The 1st cloud-based field operations management solution

Unleash the potential of your operators by digitalising your field processes and facilitating communication between your teams. 

70% Share of time spent on document management during nuclear operations

Mobile app
Do it right the first time

Page_Solution_Mobilité on & offline

Online & offline modes

Operators can access procedures anywhere, at any time, even on where there is poor or intermittent connectivity

Page_Solution_Guidage pas à pas

Step-by-step guidance

Access the right information at the right time with a step-by-step display adapted to the simplest and most complex interventions. 


Data synchronisation

Activity related data (forms, quality plans, reports, photos, etc.) are transmitted in real time to control teams.

Web App
Standardise procedures and monitor operations

Page Solution_Structurez vos interventions

Structure activities

Prepare operations using a customisable library of standard documents and operating procedures (quality plans, risk analysis, equipment, operating procedures, etc.).
Page Solution_Automatisez votre documentation

Automate documentation

Automatically generate regulatory documents in just a few clicks and in the required format.

Page Solution_TableauAvancement

Monitor in real time

Track operations and create reports for data-based activity management.

Build your workflows simply,
everything is customisable


Structure the steps for your operations according to your resources, equipment, infrastructure, etc.

A team of experts dedicated to your transformation

Delivery Team

Our business experts will help you design your digital transformation

  • Change management support
  • Training tailored to each user and roles
  • Online support
  • Dedicated help centre
Delivery Team

Nuclear industry leaders approve our methodology


  • Design and implement a plan adapted to customer challenges, objectives, and constraints
  • Analyse existing organisation, documentation and processes through use cases
  • Identify organisational impacts and necessary process adaptations
  • Weekly monitoring of your team 


  • Configure Siteflow to integrate existing digital practices and information systems
  • Mock-test preparation teams with the Siteflow project manager
  • On-site pilot test with a paper/digital duplicate
  • Gather on-site pilot experience feedback between customer teams and Siteflow project manager, and define next steps for 100% digital launch


  • Guide teams toward full independence using Siteflow across operational structures

A level of service and security
to meet your challenges



Connecting with your business software:

  • PLM
  • ERP
  • CMMS
  • MES
  • EDM

Secure from the outset

  • LockBox​
  • End-to-end encryption control
  • Backup every 4 hours
  • Anti-DDoS
  • Advanced Threat Analytics


  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 9001
  • NT 85-114 compatible

Usability, accessibility, and security of data

  • Collection, processing, validation, backup, and storage
  • Availability and disaster recovery
  • Usage and access management
  • Guarantee of confidentiality

High availability

  • Availability >99%
  • Computing power
  • Dedicated databases
  • Redundancy x3
  • Separate disaster recovery site

Hosting / SaaS infrastructures 

  • Microsoft Azure
  • On Premise Option
  • Unlimited storage

Digitalise your operations with complete peace of mind