Reinvent client excellence with digital solutions

Digitalise field processes end-to-end to eliminate costly errors and empower the workforce

Improve quality


Improve processes

  • Improve compliance with procedures
  • Ensure traceability and safety for activities
  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance

Make sharing and collaboration easier

  • Improve collaboration between preparation and execution teams
  • Improve integration of experience feedback using reference systems
  • Ensure greater progress transparency for operators

Take productivity
to the next level

Increase turnover

  • Increase billable resources, thanks to improved productivity
  • Increase price ranges through improved service quality
  • Acquire new markets with an improved corporate image

Reduce costs

  • Reduce time spent on documentation
  • Reduce penalties and additional costs for non-compliance
  • Process field-based feedback faster

Optimise cash flow and assets

  • Invoice faster with automatically generated end-of-job reports and work packages
  • Reduce equipment loss due to misuse

Increase employee job satisfaction
and customer satisfaction

Pourquoi Siteflow 2

Increase employee job satisfaction 

  • Spend less time on administrative tasks
  • Increase job attractiveness with digitalisation
  • Develop team skills faster

Improve your customer satisfaction

  • Improve your corporate image with improved quality of execution
  • Increase customer loyalty with smoother business processes

More than 30 nuclear industry leaders
choose Siteflow

The operational advantages of using Siteflow lie in its ability to comply with mandatory regulatory reporting requirements by automatically generating the necessary documentation for each service provided. This is a huge time saver for those operating in complex and continually evolving regulatory environments.

Céline Wolf, Director Strategy, Growth and Innovation, Westinghouse

Undertaking this digital transformation with Siteflow is a priority for our Business Unit, as part of our strategy of continuous improvement at the service of our customers.

Robert Sommacal, Country Director - Framatome

he deployment of the Siteflow solution is an important step in the digital roadmap of our Nuclear Division and is essential to the operational excellence expected by our customers.

Jean-Marc Veglia, Director, Nuclear Division - ADF

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