Use cases

Siteflow is intrinsically operation agnostic.

No matter in which industrial context you’re in, the high level of configurability of the solution will meet your functional needs.

Track your production processes across the whole value chain with Siteflow  

Certain special parts designed for nuclear installations must go through a controlled manufacturing process ensuring that where required, each step of the value chain can be checked individually. To cover this demand, the solution enables professionals to integrate all the necessary data and checks/traceability parameters to their digitalized processes, to ensure this way their optimal security.  

Workflows and execution are monitored and synthesized in reports. The application enables their automated production, and associated significant gain of time, through the “closure folder” feature.  

Use cases examples  

  • Pipes prefabrication 

  • Bridge crane construction and transportation 

  • Pressure equipment manufacturing  

  • Manufacturing of mechanically welded and qualified pieces and equipment 


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