Digitalizing processes at nuclear installations

In light of the urgent need to tackle climate change, meet decarbonisation targets and update nuclear power plants, the nuclear industry is facing an unprecedented turning point.

A cloud solution
designed for the nuclear industry

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Replace the paper folders and documents typically used to prepare and monitor field operations with a digital process to guarantee traceability and optimise costs and response times.



Improve On-Time-Delivery and On-Quality-Delivery and reduce the time your teams spend on administrative tasks, giving them the freedom to concentrate fully on technical work. 


Rounds Management

Automate inspection and surveillance rounds, making it easier for your operators to access all checkpoints on the move and to produce reliable reports.

Innovating for
the nuclear industry

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Landmark scientific publications such as the IPCC 2021 report and the Energy Futures 2050 report, compiled by the French Réseau de Transport d'Électricité, emphasise the nuclear industry’s crucial role in French, European and global efforts to ensure energy security for the next century and in contributing to the decarbonisation of the international economy. 

The revitalisation of the nuclear industry will bring with it an unprecedented surge in activity in the sector over the next few years, along with new challenges and the prospect of full order books for subcontractors.

Now, more than ever, the nuclear industry needs to be efficient and responsive, and propose innovative initiatives to jump-start the structural and technological transitions needed.  

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The Nuclear Industry challenges

Digital transformation, enhanced quality, traceability and safety, and improved economic performance are the most significant challenges facing nuclear companies today.

Siteflow enables companies to meet these challenges and seize the opportunities they present through a solution that combines operational performance with safety levels, compliance with regulatory requirements, and planning commitments. 

Optimising processes management

Siteflow software is built on three pillars designed to implement efficient, seamless, data-driven process management, from start to finish:

  • A webApp for real-time monitoring of progress and automatically preparing, managing, and generating compliance and final reports
  • A mobileApp for execution, step-by-step guidance, data collection, validation, and signatures
  • An API library for integration and interoperability with existing information systems

Siteflow's Web and mobile applications cover a wide range of the industry's operational needs, including construction, maintenance, technical maintenance and surveillance rounds, waste management, and decommissioning.

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