Nuclear O&M goes digital by NEI

Bogged down with onerous paperwork, digital tooling was the obvious answer for three civil engineers working in the nuclear sector. The result was a new digital worktool that offers streamlined O&M with fewer errors, better compliance and improved quality. Siteflow CEO Louis Hauvette talks to NEI

In recent years a growing number of industrial sectors have been turning to technology to help them remain competitive in increasingly fast-paced and challenging business environments. In the nuclear sector, however, the adoption of digital tools has been somewhat slower.

This is set to change as nuclear power producers and their service providers come under renewed pressure to increase production capacity whilst also improving quality, reliability and accountability.

As a result, the nuclear industry is starting to look more keenly at the digital tools that could help them. One digital tool that aims to achieve those goals is Siteflow, a cloud- based software as a service (SaaS) platform for service providers working in complex, highly regulated industries like nuclear. According to its developers it is the first digital solution of its kind.

Going paper-free

Siteflow was founded in 2017 by three civil engineers working in the nuclear sector who were weighed down by paper-heavy processes and reporting requirements. Siteflow CEO Louis Hauvette comments: “For every nuclear assignment, around 70% of our time was spent dealing with paperwork. After years of study and training this seemed a poor use of skills. We felt that the hours spent on admin could and should be put to better use”.

This is a pain point shared by many, as Celine Wolf, Director of Strategy, Growth and Innovation for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Westinghouse, explains: 

"As with other sensitive industries, any onsite service carried out in the nuclear sector will typically necessitate vast amounts of manually-produced documents ....é

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