Siteflow opens a UK office

London, 29th November 2022 - Siteflow, the world’s first cloud-based field operation management software for highly regulated industries, is today announcing its UK expansion with the opening of a new office to reinforce its UK presence and ensure closer support of existing UK clients.


Launched in 2017 by civil engineers, Louis Hauvette (CEO), Timothée Piette (COO) and Etienne Barrault (CPO), Siteflow is the world’s first cloud-based SaaS solution for service providers working in complex, highly regulated industries such as nuclear, energy, infrastructure and defence.

Based in Paris, with clients all over Europe and the US, Siteflow has just opened a new UK office to strengthen its client base and provide improved, local support for UK customers. Siteflow CEO, Louis Hauvette says: “We chose the UK as the first port-of-call in our international expansion as we’re seeing a clear move towards nuclear energy, our leading area of expertise. With the energy crisis there is a lot of pressure on industry actors to produce new energy plants faster. Siteflow is built to help them do just that”.


Improving efficacy through zero paper processes and real-time reporting

ISO Certified (ISO 27001, ISO 9001), fully GDPR compliant and soon to be certified Cyber Security plus, Siteflow’s online Platform and tablet workflow solution simplifies, structures, and streamlines technical field interventions (construction, maintenance, HSE upgrades, decommissioning… ) end-to-end from preparation to closure. Unlike other field specific software solutions, Siteflow covers every aspect of intervention (required materials and apparatus, to work instructions and risk checks) for all types of field operation, providing step-by-step seamless support.

Safer, simpler and cheaper onsite operations

Field technicians equipped with tablets are guided through each procedure. Regulated documentation, checklists and forms are automatically generated for each field of intervention allowing for secure, real-time reporting and coordination with office teams. Freed from numerous paper, subject specific files, workers can focus fully on the technical and operational aspects of their work.

The result is improved quality and performance, reduced budget, errors and nonconformities, complete traceability and considerable time saving.

Siteflow’s solution works offline, can be integrated with any existing IT system and is tailored to meet each client’s specific industry operational needs, health, safety and regulatory reporting requirements. Onboarded clients receive comprehensive training and support from software adoption to implementation and after, ensuring continuous customer care.

Fast and painfree digitisation for complex industry actors

Through a combination of 100% digitised and streamlined work processes, cutting edge SaaS technology and a strong human element, Siteflow enables complex industry stakeholders working in high pressure, highly regulated environments to speed up their digital transformations, improve efficiency and remain competitive. A powerful plus in today’s fast paced environment where tier ones and service providers, in particular in the nuclear and conventional energy sectors are under pressure to respond quickly to increasing demands.

The pioneering best-in-class solution has so far proved to be a resounding industry success, with big name clients such as Westinghouse, Orano, Framatome, Reel and Bouygues construction, Sifeflow recently completed a €10 million Series A raise to further develop its technology, expand its 90 person team and enter new markets

The opening of this first new UK office, complete with a local UK team, is the first step in the roll out of Siteflow’s international expansion strategy and towards becoming the leading international digital transformation actor for highly regulated, sensitive industries.


About Siteflow

In an increasingly high pressure environment, it is vital for highly regulated, sensitive industries to improve their operational performance. Siteflow enables companies and service providers in this sector to structure and streamline processes thereby making all onsite operations safer, simpler and cheaper. How so? With their unique complete field operations management software solution, and its proven business expertise. 

Siteflow Founders : Etienne BARRAULT, Louis HAUVETTE & Timothée PIETTE (2022)




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