Veolia Nuclear Solutions UK Chooses Siteflow for Fukushima Decommissioning Support

VNS-Fukushima_Press-release_PCVI Arm Rear View_noir&blanc
Veolia robotic arm (rear view)
VNS-Fukushima_Press-release_MHI Investigation in cell
Veolia robotic arm

Paris, Tuesday November 28, 2023.

Siteflow, the pioneering software for optimising and digitalising on-field operations in highly sensitive industries, announces an unprecedented collaboration with global nuclear decommissioning leader, Veolia Nuclear Solutions (VNS).

VNS UK has opted for Siteflow's pioneering solution to elevate the design, execution, and functionality of its remotely operated systems within the nuclear industry and other hazardous environments. Notably, Siteflow will be employed by VNS UK to facilitate the testing of their upcoming, new generation robotic arm - a cutting-edge solution for nuclear maintenance and a future pivotal component in the decommissioning process of the Fukushima nuclear plant. This second robotic arm will build upon the success of its predecessor, which has already been shipped to Japan and is currently undergoing final testing, with deployment on site scheduled for 2024.

Recognised for its expertise in managing radioactive waste, VNS has been actively involved in the Fukushima project since October 2014. Its mission includes the design and construction of long-range robotic manipulator systems to inspect reactor number 2's containment vessel.  After undergoing rigorous testing spanning two years, VNS' first teleoperated articulated arm, that has a reach of over 21 metres, is now ready to navigate the challenging environment of Fukushima. Its first task will be to deploy radiation sensors in locations inaccessible to humans through narrow openings.

Siteflow will be employed by VNS to oversee the testing and operation planning for its second robotic arm, which will be used to test the deployment of tools to retrieve physical samples of the fuel debris.

Simon Delavalle, Veolia Nuclear Solutions Deputy Chief Technical Officer, comments: "At Veolia, we believe that innovation plays a vital role in advancing ecological transformation. Siteflow, with its user-friendly interface, speed, and reliability, stands out as a valuable tool. It will guide our engineering teams and operators in developing and operating highly complex equipment at sites like Fukushima and other hazardous locations. This new VNS x Siteflow partnership, a combination of cutting edge technology and pioneering digital tools, is not just exciting but a genuine step towards helping us attain our sustainability goals and fostering innovation in our industry."

Louis Hauvette, Siteflow Co-Founder and CEO, adds: “This partnership with Veolia demonstrates the versatility and adaptability of our solution. This is a significant step for us. We continue to discover new use cases, and this one is thrilling! We are very proud that Siteflow is being used on a project that constitutes one of the biggest challenges in the history of the nuclear industry".

This partnership marks a significant step in Siteflow’s international expansion, as it represents their first contract with a British partner since opening their UK office in November last year.



Siteflow has taken on the ambitious challenge of modernising the intricate and time-consuming operational processes within the nuclear industry through the digitization of instructions and operating procedures. This solution brings smoothness, continuity, and control across the entire value chain, optimising efficiency and quality in field operations and, on a larger scale, operational performance. At each stage, data is now captured making it traceable, measurable, verifiable, and automatically recorded in the various required documents.

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