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Embracing the global nuclear paradigm shift

A few months ago, the IAEA General Director Rafael Mariano Grossi, described nuclear power as “one of the most effective investments for the post-pandemic global economic recovery.” In today’s complex, accelerating, and climate threatened the world, there undoubtedly exists some compelling reasons behind such a statement.

Besides the widespread recognition of the role that nuclear power plays in the mitigation of climate change – proving essential as a long-standing provider of low carbon energy, and as a key player in meeting the growing global demand for low-carbon electricity – nuclear power is gaining staggering traction worldwide. It has become a core strategic asset of international market players’ energy security, whether these happen to be countries or organisations.

Nuclear energy capacity shall not decline, our world has said.

Europe, China, USA, Canada, India, Japan, UAE, Korea, Brazil… and many other emerging challengers are now seizing the opportunity to boost and secure the growth of their economies by embracing the nuclear paradigm shift. 

Until very recently, the nuclear sector was still facing the issue of its scheduled downturn. This trend is indeed shifting, as highlighted by the IEA in its last Global Energy Review: “Nuclear power rebounds and increases 2% in 2021, reversing half of the decline in output that took place in 2020”. In fact, it is actually spurring the development of new technologies and business models aimed at fostering the sector’s turnaround, letting the nuclear ambition grow. 

Undoubtedly, market players will have to push hard to adjust their industrial structure to this shift.

Innovation and optimisation needs are huge and will multiply as they follow the explosion of worksites and associated services, including: 

  •  New build & equipment supply 

  • Operation & Maintenance 

  • SMRs 

  • Decommissioning & Dismantling 

The whole scope of nuclear activities will be affected for the better. 

In this global rebound context, control, and instrumentation design, enhanced nuclear safety and regulation, as well as cross-functional activities such as digital implementation, process validation, and verification are now and more than ever identified as determining factors of the future of nuclear performance. 

As a pioneer of the digitalisation of the sector, Siteflow is actively supporting the evolution of the nuclear industry's current and emerging activities by ensuring that these critical technology capabilities are deployed and mastered. Since 2018, Siteflow has been demonstrating its ability to provide services in fields characterised by highly demanding quality control procedures and complex operational challenges.

Laying a digital foundation for streamlined systems and increased process efficiency, Siteflow keeps its international clients moving forward with agility. Siteflow enables secure, real-time structured data capture and flows through the entire life cycle of nuclear field operations.

Today, Siteflow presents itself on the global nuclear stage as a resourceful business and technology partner, empowering operational teams to collaborate and uncover insights into all aspects of their jobs. It strengthens their risk and economic resiliency through data-driven innovative features, in turn, helping them to realise global decarbonised energy performance goals.

Transformation digitale, renforcement de la qualité, de la traçabilité et de la sécurité des interventions et amélioration de la performance économique représentent aujourd’hui leurs défis les plus significatifs.

Avec pertinence, Siteflow a su s’y aligner en développant une solution permettant aux intervenants terrain d’allier performance opérationnelle, respect des exigences réglementaires, des niveaux de sureté et des engagements de planning. Qu’il s’agisse de construction, de maintenance ou du démantèlement d’infrastructures de production d’électricité, de réseaux de distribution, de mines, de composants spéciaux, les applications Web et Mobile Siteflow couvrent les besoins opérationnels de la filière.


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