Framatome choose Siteflow to accelarate the digitalization !

July 15, 2020 – Framatome signed a partnership agreement with Siteflow to digitize operational documentation needed during nuclear power plant maintenance and operations. Siteflow is a French startup that provides cloud-based field service management software that complies with the requirements of complex activities in strategic industries.

 "We are deploying Siteflow’s application as an important step in our digital roadmap to strengthen our operational performance," said Catherine Cornand, senior executive vice president of Framatome’s Installed Base Business Unit.The digital transformation of our operational documentation, which includes adding mobile accessibility, will optimize our work on-site and support the safety of our customers' nuclear installations."

 The Siteflow application improves communication and the flow of information between various technical services. With this solution, the maintenance operator can access documentation and other information when needed. The experience of the field operator becomes central in the preparation and implementation of interventions. Relations with technical services in support of operations are more fluid.

 Framatome’s use of the Siteflow application supports digital efforts led by GIFEN, the trade association for the French nuclear industry. Framatome joins Siteflow’s Customer Advisory Board and will contribute to the strategic direction and evolution of its solutions in line with the needs of the nuclear industry.

I am very pleased to establish this strategic partnership with Framatome, that reinforces our position in the nuclear industry,” said Louis Hauvette, CEO of Siteflow. “Our application was designed and used by field operators, ensuring both the compliance with stringent requirements and ease of use, that result in its growing success in the industry. This signature marks the commitment and work of the entire Siteflow team. We are looking forward to working with Framatome in our application deployment."

 Siteflow was established in 2017. Founded by Etienne Barrault, Samed Jalouali, Louis Hauvette and Timothée Piette, the French Paris-based start-up company is a key partner in digital transformation projects for the nuclear industry, and an active member of GIFEN involved in the work of the Digital Commission. Siteflow is also a member of the board of directors of Nuclear Valley, the competitiveness hub of the French nuclear industry.


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