Ponticelli lauch its digital transformation with Siteflow

Paris, March 9th 2021. Within the framework of the “CAP100” strategic plan, and more particularly within the scope of the the “Innovation” thematic, Ponticelli undertook the digital transformation of its nuclear activities, which represent about 15% of the group’s turnover. To achieve this goal, Ponticelli chose the software solution developed by Siteflow to carry out the digital transformation of its nuclear plants’ maintenance operations.

With Siteflow, the field worker can focus on his specific technical know-how, and get the “right information at the right time”. The entire process is digitalized, from preparation to the execution of operations onsite, from the work package to the operations completion report.

Today, Siteflow’s solution is deployed in 4 new units of the group, while it has already been used for approximately two years on Blayais site. At the end of March 2019, for the first time, a K1 EDF nuclear operation was fully conducted through digital means. This operation was executed by a Ponticelli team with Siteflow.

Philippe Delobelle (General Director): “Even though the documentation that comes with all the operations carried out in the nuclear industry obviously remains a necessary requirement, the quest for simplification to ensure proper comprehension, to provide concrete meaning and to avoid errors, has become a major goal for some time.

The arrival of efficient and user-friendly digital tools now enables to meet this objective. Siteflow has started paving the way of documentation digitalization, and Ponticelli has partnered with it to deploy operation documentation’s transformation across all its nuclear sites.”

Thierry Le Gangneux (President): “Through its CAP100 strategic plan, Ponticelli initiated in 2016 a significant digital transformation. Siteflow supports the group in the part related to nuclear activities. This partnership is very promising, and we are already seeing the rapid involvement of our collaborators following the handling of Siteflow’s solution.”

Louis Hauvette (CEO): “Ponticelli is going to turn 100, and the company keeps innovating and demonstrating boldness to guarantee its clients the highest levels of requirement. To see this partnership applied across all its sites is a real reward and pride for all Siteflow’s team.”

Eric Delacourt (VP Sales & Mkg) : “We are delighted to support Ponticelli in this digital transformation project. The trustful relationship we’ve established enables us to move forward together fast and to find the best way to digitalize nuclear operations whose documentary tracking is highly complex.”




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