Orano accelerates the deployment of digital solutions on a large scale

Paris, December 2, 2020 - Orano announces the signature of multi-year contracts worth a total of nearly 10 million euros between its subsidiary Orano DS, which employs 5,000 people in France, and four software developers for the deployment of IT solutions to provide support for the group's digital and managerial transformation.

 By calling on the combined expertise and services of recognized players Accenture, Siteflow, Staff Planning and WinLassie, the group is investing in order to boost the efficiency of the services it offers to its customers.

 This approach is an integral part of Orano's SHIFT program, which focuses efforts in digital technologies to improve performance, quality and safety by making use of the group's operational data.

 "Our approach is pragmatic. We looked for the most efficient solutions our partners could provide in order to adapt them to our nuclear environment. We are also counting on the innovative mindset and commitment of Orano's teams right at the heart of our digital transformation to create added value for the company and to make us even more efficient at what we do" explained Corinne Spilios, Orano's Senior Executive Vice President, Performance and a member of the group Executive Committee.

The chosen solutions extend across a wide variety of areas including the steering of operational activities in the dismantling, maintenance and operation of facilities, the allocation of resources on worksites, the end-to-end dematerialization of interventions and accreditation management. They are currently being deployed with several hundred employees of Orano DS, an entity which is present on all nuclear sites in France and is specialized in dismantling, radioactive waste management and services to nuclear operators. This first phase will be followed by a three-year general deployment to all employees of the entity.  

Alain Vandercruyssen, Senior Executive Vice President in charge of Orano’s Dismantling and Services activities and a member of the group Executive Committee, declared: "in a context where our group is going through profound transformation, this collaboration is the first brick in a major change to the way we conduct our activities, with digital being given a more central place in daily operations. As in many other sectors of the economy, for the nuclear industry, digital is establishing itself as a technological springboard for constant improvement in quality of service and strengthening the performance of our activities".




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