Rolls-Royce signs contract for digital transformation with Siteflow

Paris, September 28th 2021 – Within the framework of its E-CMS project, whose objective is to dematerialize operational documentation, Rolls-Royce’s control and command entity, based in Grenoble, called on Siteflow to support its digital transformation.

For Rolls-Royce, this project illustrates their will to transform operational processes  in order to ensure more efficiency but also to accompany its clients towards digital transition, which is already taking place for many within the nuclear industry. The E-CMS project will help teams save a significant amount of time, so they can specifically focus on high-value-added activities.

Already used by several large companies in complex industries, including nuclear, Siteflow’s solution was chosen to enable Rolls-Royce’s digital transformation.

With Siteflow, the field worker can focus on his specific technical know-how, and get the “right information at the right time”. The entire process is digitalized, from preparation to the execution of operations onsite, from the work package to the operations completion report. Especially designed for complex operations, the solution meets the high levels of requirement of the nuclear industry’s regulatory framework, while optimizing operators’ and method engineers’ productivity.

According to Robert Sommacal, Director of Framatome Grenoble France Business Unit, ex-Rolls-Royce “Undertaking digital transformation with Siteflow is a priority for our Business Unit, which falls within the continuous improvement strategy we deploy at the service of our clients. We have a strong willingness to optimize our engineering site and our operations, in order to be able to face the challenges of tomorrow. We offer teams high-value-added missions while liberating them from the cumbersomeness of paper documentation”. 

According to Timothée Piette, COO de Siteflow, “Rolls-Royce is a key player of the nuclear landscape in France and worldwide. We are very proud to be able to support their digital transformation. For Siteflow’s team, this is an opportunity to demonstrate again its determination and involvement into achieving the success of strategic projects of companies engaged in the nuclear industry’s digital transformation.” 


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